Yes and no…
We have received inquiries from users asking when they can/must mark received crypto as a tax-free gift in our calculator.

Giving crypto as a gift does not automatically result in tax exemption on later sales. This binding answer from the Tax authorities clarifies the issue. 

Yes, when the recipient of the gift has not thereby acquired cryptocurrency for the purpose of speculation, i.e. to speculate on the increase in the fiat value of cryptocurrency. Among other things the recipient’s knowledge of cryptocurrency and the secondary market plays into this assessment.

No, if the gifting falls outside this framework – then the acquisition by the person receiving the gift will be considered speculative and later sales will be taxed.

The receipt of the gift itself is also tax-free if the gift is given as an occasion gift for e.g. a birthday, anniversaries or the like if the gift has a modest value.

When you use the CryptoSkat calculator you can mark a deposit/deposit of crypto on your accounts as a gift – with the consequence that the sale of this crypto is not calculated as profit for taxation.

When you give a gift, you must also remember that the giver is charged 15% gift tax for gifts over a certain amount, depending on who the gift is given to. An overview can be found here.