About us



At CryptoSkat we see a great future for blockchainbased datainfrastructures and digital assets. Crypto assets and other digital assets will expectedly obtain a steadily increasing role in our financial markets.

Our mission is to make handling tax on cryptoassets easy.

That is our contribution to releasing the enormous potential related to the creation and adoption of token economies.

  • The global market for tokenised assets will increase exponentially. Opinions on market size vary. Boston Consulting Group assess that the global market will comprise values of USD 16 Trillion in 2030
    (Frankfurt School of Economics and Finance, Blockchain Center)
  • According to World Economic Forum assesments 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain in 2027
    (World Economic Forum)
  • EU is working on a regulatory framework for crypto assets. How the final regulatory regime will take form is currently unknown. What is certain is that MiCA, the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation, will be of key importance.
    (Markets in Crypto Assets)
  • OECD is expressing strong support for tokenisation and the development of market infrastructures for tokenised assets

In crypto communities many have for years considered if and when cryptocurrencies, token assets and tokenisation will catch on and become more mainstream. We are confident that that turning point is imminent. Exactly how this will play out and what effect it will have on the crypto market is uncertain as of yet.

An inevitable step in this development is ensuring correct taxation of such assets.

CryptoSkat is a Danish business which has been operated by Mark, Jonatan, Igor and Roman since 2021.

Our objective is to enable investors in Bitcoin and other crypto assets to easily calculate profit and loss on trades for tax reporting purposes.

CryptoSkat can be used whether you trade crypto privately or through a company. The calculator calculates profit and loss on your trades and can generate an annual report for you, so you have the necessary totals for declaration on your annual statement.

The solution offered to our customers is a digital platform for automated calculation and reporting of profit and loss. The platform is simple to use and only requires setting up via a simple step-by-step guide provided to our customers.

The solution is based on Danish tax legislation and case law on crypto assets – an area in rapid development. No countries tax legislation on crypto has yet been harmonised. Our customers can feel confident that the information they submit to the Danish tax authorities are based on calculations closely aligned with the specific Danish tax legislation on crypto.

“Our objective is to make it quick and easy for investors in Bitcoin and other crypto assets to calculate profit and loss on trades for tax reporting purposes.”


Whether you are a casual or pro trader and daytrade or mostly just hodl CryptoSkat helps you get an overview of your transactions.