Calculate profit and loss


CryptoSkat calculates and sums your profit and loss on trades with Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Our calculator is simple to configure, calculation logic applied is based on Danish tax legislation and case law and helps you get your tax return sorted out.

Leading exchanges and wallets

Data import from Binance, Kraken, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kucoin, MetaMask, Jaxx, Ledger Wallets etc.


API or CSV data import

Import your data via API integrations with exchanges/wallets or downloaded transaction data in CSV format.


Based on Danish tax law

CryptoSkat’s calculation engine is based on Danish tax legislation. We continuously update the applied calculation logic to new case law and legislation.

Dataimport weekly

Exchanges typically only enable quick download of transaction data 1-4 months back. CryptoSkat imports your data weekly so documentation isn’t lost.

Calculations in DKK

CryptoSkat calculates all transactions in both USD and DKK. All calculations are based on the Danish National Bank’s exchange rates.

Gifts, airdrops, ICO’s, staking, lending, forks, etc.

Transactions are taxed differently – we support calculations of a wide range of transaction types

Manual input

Quickly correct any data. CryptoSkat notifies you if transactiondata from imports are inaccurate or missing important details.

Full overview

Generate an annual tax report summarizing your total profit and loss per tax year. A subscription covers all tax years.


Full documentation for your tax return

The annual report contains a complete overview of all trades with detailed transaction information.


Whether you are a casual or pro trader and daytrade or mostly just hodl CryptoSkat helps you get an overview of your transactions.