Caclulating gain and loss is easy with CryptoSkat. We help guide you step-by-step on how to complete all the necessary steps.


Step-by-step setup

Easy overview of the CryptoSkat functionalities and features, how to set up and use them.       


CSV import of data

Import your data by downloading CSV files from your exchanges/wallets and uploading them to us. One upload per exchange wallet and all your data is calculated.


The CryptoSkat calculator gives you a notification if transaction data is missing or incorrect. Correct your data easily and quickly and ensure correct profit and loss calculation.

Tax reports

With one click, generate an annual report of all your transactions and profit and loss. All transactions in a tax year are included and detailed in the report.


API integration

Automatically import your data via API integrations with your exchange accounts. Enter your API keys and CryptoSkat automatically imports and aggregates all your transaction data every week.

Manuelly add and edit transaction data

All transactions can be added and edited manually via your transaction overview. Quick and easy if you want to add or edit a few transactions.

Transaction types

The CryptoSkat calculator supports calculations of spot trades, staking, lending, airdrops, forks, mining, ICOs/IEOs and gift transactions.

How the calculator works

The calculator uses exact rates from exchanges and The Danish Central Bank’s exchange rates – all based on timestamps for your transactions.

Help and support

We are always ready to help and guide you on how to use CryptoSkat. We do not provide legal or tax advice or guidance on the tax rules.


Whether you are a casual or pro trader and daytrade or mostly just hodl CryptoSkat helps you get an overview of your transactions.