Airdrops are taxed based on their value in DKK at the time of receipt and again on the difference between the DKK value at the time they are sold and when they were received. You can read more about this here [link to tax rules/airdrops].

Do you have a deposit in your transaction list that is actually an airdrop?

If you mark it as an airdrop, the correct tax calculation will be applied to it (as described above).

You mark a deposit as an airdrop by:
1. Clicking on the “tag” icon to the right in the transaction line.

2. A list of transaction types will now open and here you choose “airdrop”.

3. The change of the transaction to an airdrop will now be registered as a change to your report.

4. When you are done making changes to your transactions, click “update report”.

5. Once your report has been recalculated, you can see the result of having marked the transaction as an airdrop in the total calculation at the top left.